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5 Marketing Tips Your Business Needs To Succeed


Working in marketing can be tough. You need to be constantly coming up with creative ways to engage your customers and at times, you simple hit a dry spell. This kind of dry spell can get you in serious trouble with your boss and reflect poorly on your company but don’t fear, there are certain ways you can get past this mental block. Simply use these tips to remind yourself of basic marketing strategies.


You spend most of your time wondering how to get new customers coming your way but have you considered your past customers? Remarketing is a good way to put the focus back on them because let’s not forget, majority of your transactions will happen between past customers that have done business with you.


Using referrals to draw more customers in is one of the methods that require far less effort. Instead of trying to get past that creative mental block, instead ask your customers for referrals. Think of it this way, potential customers are far more likely to trust glowing reviews from their family, friends or colleagues than from an automated message that find its way to their mail.


Using testimonials can make a powerful impact on customers. Instead of going for written stories, consider utilizing video technology to send across a really powerful message. In fact it is scientifically proven that people are more likely to retain pictures and videos in their head rather than words so make use of this. You can also use videos to demonstrate certain products and services, which will give customers a better idea of how it works and how legitimate it is at the same time.


Is your business an expert in the industry? It should be. Invest in ensuring that your employees are adequately trained and represent the business well at all times. Show that the company as a whole is knowledgeable by writing out articles, speaking about it, conducting successful workshops and campaigns. Some of these things might require additional funds but you can always turn to the leaders in fast, unsecured business loans in Sydney. Don’t forget to answer questions and clarify any doubts that your customers might have. This significantly boost your reputation and make you seem far more trustworthy.

Marketing Channels

First, what is your target audience? If it is housewives, you can’t use the same marketing channel that you would use for an old man. Certain target audiences tend to use methods different to others. For example, older generations might still prefer Television ads or newspapers. But with the younger generation, there has been a dramatic shift to social aspects. Corporates would prefer LinkedIn, while artists and the more creative professionals would prefer an outlet like Pinterest or Instagram. Consider what kind of market channel your audience might be using and explore the possibility of reaching out through new channels.

Keep these marketing tips in mind when you hit that slump. There’s always something that can be done during those periods.

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