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5 Things To Do When Organizing A Conference


When it comes to organizing a conference, there’s plenty of things organizers need to consider- securing a space, selling tickets, getting corporate sponsors and most importantly getting the right speakers for the job. The speakers at your conference will make or break the entire experience so it’s best that you pay a lot of attention to this aspect when you begin your planning. To help you out, here are a few tips you should keep in mind when preparing for the big day.

Be Audience-Specific

At the end of the day, there needs to be a specific audience that you’re targeting. So before you even consider reaching out to speakers you need to identify that specific niche you’ll be targeting and what kind of message would most likely interest them the most. From the information you gather, you can easily do your research and select the top speakers out of the list.


You won’t just have one speaker that you’re dealing with so once you start handling communications you’ll find yourself repeating quite a lot of information. A time saving and efficient solution would be to create handbooks and distribute them to all your speakers. It should ideally include a professional summary of the conference, timelines, demographic information about the target audience, speaker bios (so speakers have more of an idea about each other as a professional courtesy) and the venue’s technical details (as well as limitations).


Check in regularly on your speakers and make sure all their needs are met. If the event is organized at a venue like a leading Geelong conference centre then you’ll find that accommodation will also be handled. This makes your job so much easier. You don’t have to worry about if they’ll get to the hall on time, and your speakers don’t have to waste energy focusing on transport that could be directed at their speech. Also make sure to check in on your speakers a few weeks prior to ensure they have all worked according to separate topics that don’t overlap.


No matter how interesting the presentation might be, your audience will inevitably get bored if you jam-pack the session with keynotes, speeches and networking sessions. So make sure not to schedule any back-to-back sessions so that both the audience and the speakers can get a chance to rest, go to the washroom or even get a quick bite to eat.

Technical Support

Unfortunately, technical glitches are very common when it comes to speeches so prepare for this in advance by having on-site tech support at all times. Also remember to do a test run before the talk commences because it’s always better to identify issues beforehand rather than in the middle of a presentation. But in the event that you do miss something, you will have support to sort you out.

These are the main things you need to see to when organizing a conference. Don’t forget, your speakers are the highlight so make sure all their needs are met first. Secondly, ensure the comfort of your audience!

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