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Different Types of Hammers and Their Uses


Hammers are tools that have been used for centuries. They are essentially man’s best friend in building and construction and have played their part in the building of great man-made structures through the years. The general shape of hammers has not changed over the years, though now the composition of most modern hammers are a bit different. A good example would be the inbuilt shock absorbers found in most hammers nowadays to provide the optimum level of comfort when used. The recoiling force can be painful. They are now built with sturdier materials for longer durability. There are quite a few different types of hammers out there in this day and age, all serve a slightly different purpose. Let’s take a closer look at the same.

The Claw Hammer

This is the most commonly used type of hammer with a weight of around 500g. The handle sometimes comes with a rubber grip for easier usage. The “claw” as it is called is very effective in pulling out crooked nails from timber and other materials. The claw is also used as a lever to lift up things like floorboards. It is always good to seek out a claw hammer with good quality as such actions like using the hammer as a lever can greatly weaken the joint between the head of the hammer and the handle.

The Ultimate cutting Hammer

The implement known as Scutch hammers are very effective for cutting bricks and can be used in almost the same fashion as a scutch chisel. Using this tool takes practice and too hard a blow will not give you clean cuts. The hammer must be held in a particular way and the right amount of force must be applied, otherwise it would just result in a very messy piece of work.

Cross and Straight Pein

This type of hammer is the mainly used in the shaping of metals. The “pein” of the hammer as it is called does this and it can either be found at right angles or parallel to the hammer. The handles of these hammers are normally made out of wood, ensure it is a high-grade wood, as the continuous force of bending metal can cause damage to the handle in the long run.

Club Hammer

This type of hammer is renowned for its double-faced head and is most commonly used for demolition work. The only drawback of using these hammers is that when they are used in demolition you would very likely get debris flying everywhere so it is needless to say that your safety gear is an absolute must when using this tool. This hammer comes at a weight of around 1200g and is more used for lightweight domestic demolition.

Sledge Hammer

These hammers are heavy duty and are even used to break concrete. When used for heavy-duty tasks it swung like ax while for lighter jobs a simple blow should suffice. The weight of this hammer ranges from 7 to 14lb.

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