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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home


Don’t have the option (or the money) to completely switch to renewable energy at home? There are still several ways to prevent energy waste at home and save money. Here are some of those suggestions:

Buy LED Bulbs

One of the easiest ways to save energy at your home is to replace all CFL bulbs with LEDs. The latter generates brighter light with less than half the energy. LED bulbs can be 90 percent energy efficient and last for decades. Unlike CFL bulbs, LEDS don’t emanate harmful gases.

Let Air Circulate Freely in a Room

Don’t feel like your room is getting hot or cold quickly enough when the A/C is on? It could be because air cannot circulate freely in a room. Blocked vents or air registers can cause HVAC systems to exert and consume more energy. Therefore, make sure debris or furniture is not blocking the vents in your home.

Use Insulating Blinds

Buy a great window roller shutter to insulate your home in winters without expending energy. A great shutter will keep the heat trapped inside so your heaters don’t have to work as hard. Blinds are also great for letting the sunlight in during daytime without having to open windows or turning on the lights.

Wind-Proof the Front Door

Hot or cold draughts can enter your home during winter months through the front door. You can draught-proof the front door, or any door, easily and affordably and save a lot of energy waste.

Get Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation prevents heat loss and is very affordable to do. Some energy companies even do it for free. The free option can save you significant amounts of money spent on energy.

Insulate the Ceiling Area and the Loft

Even if your rooms are well insulated, heat can still escape from the loft or ceiling area of a room. Therefore, make sure this part is well insulated. Use soft material like wool for effective and affordable insulation.

Use Cold Wash in the Laundry

Wait to do your laundry until you have a full load. When using your washing machine, use cold, non-heated water to save up on electricity costs. Cold water is safe for just about any fabric. It’s best on colours because, unlike hot water, the cold water preserves the dyes better.

Unplug Electronic Devices

Did you know that the electronics in your home can pull in energy even when the wall outlet is turned off? It’s called phantom energy and it can waste as much as 10 percent of electricity in a home. Therefore, when heading out, don’t just switch off wall outlets, unplug the devices as well. You can use a centralized multi-plug adapter to unplug multiple devices at once.

Use Energy Saver Mode on Your Laptop

We have laptops and computers plugged in almost all times of the day, which makes your computer one of the prime consumers of energy at home. You can reduce this energy consumption by setting the power mode in your computer to the energy saver mode.

Install Showers instead of Baths

Baths are very comforting, but also consumes a lot of hot water compared to showers. Showers can be just as effective as baths to get your clean without wasting energy or water.

With the above tips, you can live in a more eco-friendly home.


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