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Gift Ideas for a Coffee Addict That Will Brighten Up Their Day


Whether it’s a birthday, housewarming party or a farewell party, here are a few gift ideas perfect for a coffee addict¾regardless of the occasion.


The Addiction Itself

In general terms, when someone is addicted to something, we might try our best to make sure they are distracted from said addiction¾especially when it’s a special occasion that you’d choose to celebrate. However, when it comes to coffee addictions, you can use the addiction itself as a gift. If you are looking for a low budget gift, then a gift card to a coffee shop will work quite well. If you’re looking to provide them with quality coffee beans from your favourite coffee place, then buy coffee online at Cisco’s and get it delivered to them. If you want them to try out a whole range of new blends and flavours, or if you want your gift to last a while, then consider getting them a coffee subscription box for a few months.

Cute and Quirky Mugs for Chugging It Down

Everyone loves a quirky personalized mug; regardless of their addiction and hobbies. Find out from your local gift shops if they do mug printing. If they do, do a search online a few inspirations for mugs to suit your coffee addict. The fun part is that not only can you choose the shape of the mug yourself, you can also decide what you want printed in your mug. If, for any reason, mug printing is not an option in your locality, you can easily get it done online.


Heavy Duty for the Fancy Cups

Is your coffee addict someone who loves fancy coffee? Does he or she rarely get to enjoy it in the comfort of their home? Do they spend a lot of time and money going to coffee shops, just to enjoy their fancy coffee? If so, consider giving them a fancy coffee maker. If you’re willing to spend a little on their gift, then a fancy coffee maker will be a very welcome gift. If you’re looking for a lower scaled gift, consider giving them a cold brew coffee maker, which is much more affordable.


Add A Little Difference to Their Black Pool

Does your coffee addict not stray much from the dark pool of plain, old-fashioned, and strong coffee? If you’d like to help them spice things up a little, or even introduce a little difference to their everyday coffee, consider buying them a few flavours of coffee syrups. If you can’t splurge much on it, get a flavour that you personally love. But if you can go a little beyond for them, consider getting them a mini set with many flavours to try out.

Helping Them Keep It Hot While They Work

It goes without saying that for an addict, keeping away from the addiction for long will be tough. They are sure to sip on a few cups even while they work. Help them keep their cup warm and steaming even while they get lost in their work. An electric coffee warmer is definitely a great idea, however, since most people work close to laptops these days, you can also get them a USB mug warmer.

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