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Have You Ever Pondered What a Horseshoe Is Used for And Why It Is So Important?


You can throw them back and forth in an attempt to win a game, hang them over a door for good luck, or nail them to a horse’s hoof, which is the most popular application. So, what exactly is the function of a horseshoe? Hoof protection and additional support are provided by horseshoes, much as they are with human shoes. Moreover, they aid in the prevention of wear and injury to the foot.

plastic horseshoes are the subject of a long-running debate in the horse industry over whether or not they are actually beneficial to horses. I feel that in the later situations, they do in fact have a valid claim.

What Is the Difference Between Soft and Tender Hooves?

If a horse’s hooves are soft and delicate, it indicates that the horse’s hooves are sensitive. Have you ever tried to walk barefoot through a field of gravel? It’s not easy. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll understand how awful it is! When it comes to navigating difficult terrain, a horse with sensitive hooves will experience the same sensations as you would.

The hardness and durability of a horse’s hooves varies. In this case, a soft hoof is precisely what it sounds like: it is soft! A strong and sturdy hoof will be able to endure greater stress than a soft and sensitive one because of its durability. The hooves of certain horses will naturally be softer than others, and the weather and moisture in your region will occasionally cause your horse’s hooves to be softer as well.

It is conceivable that a horse that lives in a dry desert environment will have harder feet. The ground will be more abrasive, resulting in the formation of calluses, and the arid atmosphere will dry out the feet, resulting in them becoming firmer. It is possible for a horse that lives in a more damp or temperate area to have softer feet since the field topography will be mild and level, and moisture will tend to keep the hooves supple.

Horseshoes Are Necessary for Sensitive Hooves Because:

Horseshoes might be used to give additional protection for sensitive hooves. Bruising, trauma, and pain can occur quickly in sensitive hooves when they come into contact with pebbles, hard ground, or a sloping or uneven terrain.

Horseshoes Would Be Beneficial in the Following Ways:

Shoeing a horse with sensitive feet might aid by providing a cushion or barrier between the ground and its hoof. The shoe would assist in elevating the horse’s feet high enough off the ground so that the sensitive sole of the foot would not be poked or avoided by pebbles or other difficult ground conditions.

When a horse with sensitive hooves is fitted with horseshoes, the shoes bear the majority of the damage that would otherwise be transferred to the hoof. Walking through gravel barefoot is far more difficult and painful than walking across gravel with shoes on, as anybody who has done so will attest. For your horse, horseshoes will accomplish the same thing!


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