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How to Choose the Best Towel for Your Newborn


Your newborn deserves all the comforts in the world, including wraps. Hooded towels are some of the best covers that you can give to your newborn. However, not all hooded towels are the same. That’s why it is essential that before you shop for a sheet for your baby or your friend’s newborn, you have to be keen on the quality.

The importance of choosing quality over quantity when it comes to the towel for a newborn is that the baby’s skin is the most delicate. Unlike adults who have active skin immunity, the baby’s skin is prone to any skin infection and rashes. That’s why, if you are going to shop for a towel for your baby, the following qualities are what you should check out. These are:

The Fabric’s Absorbency

Usually, when you see a thick towel, the first thing that comes in your mind is that it has an excellent absorbing power and that thin towels don’t. However, that’s not the case. It turns out that the absorbing ability of the cloth depends on the fibre that was used. When it comes to absorbing liquid, what’s highly recommended is the fabric used in Mi Baloo baby bathtowels, which is bamboo. Bamboo is a soft fabric that has an excellent absorbing power better than cotton and linen.

The Soft-To-Touch Feel

When you buy towels in the store, what you will notice that it is soft to touch, which engage you to obtain. However, you have to understand that during the manufacturing process, fabric softening solutions were used to make the material feel soft. After washing it for two-three times, you will experience the real texture of the fabric. In the case of bamboo towels, these are naturally soft fabric and does not need fabric softener. So, you rest assured that when you wrap your baby with a bamboo towel, their skin is safe from chemicals and other skin irritants. All you need to do is to watch it first with hot water to remove any impurities after being manufactured.

The Durability of the Towels

You will know if the sheet is durable based on its ply. Two-ply towels tend to be sturdier than one ply. However, it does not solely rely on the thickness since what makes sheets to last long is the proper way of washing it. You’re already aware that to clean the towels, what you used are different detergents, fabric softeners and the way it is washed and dried.

For baby towels, since babies have delicate skin, it is best to use a mild detergent that has no strong scent. Fabric softener is a no-no since it leaves behind traces of chemicals which could harm your newborn, like for instance sucking the towel or the wrap. In washing the sheets for babies, it is best to do hand washing to maintain the fibre of the towels and have it air dry.

These are the quality of the towels you should look for when buying a few pieces for your baby or a friend. These also apply when you buy a bath towel for personal use.

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