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How to Keep Your Country Clean


From a very young age we have been taught by our teachers and parents to keep our country clean. Whenever we hear the word noise or air pollution we simply blame it on other people. Most of us blame factories for polluting the river by dumping their waste material on it. We also blame the construction sites for noise and air pollution. However, knowingly or unknowingly we all are responsible for harming the environment and there are a few ways through which you can keep the country clean.

Be Responsible For Your Actions

It is high time we stop blaming other people and be responsible for our actions. At some point in our lives we all have been guilty of throwing cans of drinks on the street. There have been times where music has been too loud in our parties causing noise pollution which has disturbed our neighbours. All of us go to supermarkets and return with at least five to six plastic bags. So it is time we start getting a little more responsible, so for example when you are done with eating chips instead of throwing the packet on the road you should dump it in a bin. Governments have a role to play here, they need to ensure that there is a dustbin in every street so the citizens don’t dump garbage on the streets. Also whenever you go to supermarkets, make sure you take your own carry bag. Keep in mind that every step counts, so a small change in your daily habits can make a huge difference to the country. In turn it will also help the citizens because a clean country means that citizens are less likely to fall sick thus increasing their life expectancy.

Government Needs To Play a Role

A government has a huge role to play when it comes to keeping the country clean.  They need to make sure that every street has a dustbin, this way citizens would not dump their garbage. Countries like Australia have made an attempt to keep the country clean by having things like rubbish skips Melbourne.  Also they need to impose fines on people who pollute the country. This way the country will be kept clean. They also need to make sure that there is a ban on polythene bags, places like supermarkets could charge a fee for shopping bags. They should also impose heavy taxes on the companies that cut trees to avoid damage done to the environment.

Be Eco Friendly

Keeping the city clean doesn’t only mean that the streets should be clean, it also means that firms should use non-renewable resources carefully. Government should place a limit on the amount of non-renewable resources that can be used. Also according to reports renewable resources are also depleting so government should encourage firms to plant two trees for every one they cut. Government should encourage households to switch to solar power electricity by giving them grants such as subsidies to do so.

Lastly, the government needs to take measures to clean up the damage which has already been done.

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