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How to Make Your Office Feel More Spacious?


Nobody would like to work in a cramped office space. This kind of working environment tends to hinder creativity and there’s plenty of studies to prove it. Instead more and more companies are looking at ways in which they could improve their spaces to make it more welcoming and airier. This way employee productivity will only be positively influenced by their environment and the company could profit from it. Here’s what you need to know:

Fresh Coat

It’s time to give those drab walls a makeover. Freshen up with a more neutral shade of paint rather than opting for a deep colour so they’ll be able to make the room feel brighter and reflect the light as well!


Having solid walls only serves to further enclose the space that you’re working in. It aids that feeling of claustrophobia and so many companies are seeing the benefits of switching to more transparent finishes. It particular, this would mean opting for sliding glass doors, dividing walls etc. Since these kinds of finishes also allow for light to enter from the other rooms, it allows for a much more open space.


The one thing left that would clutter the room is the amount of furniture in it. You can solve this issue by investing in raised furniture. This helps reduce the amount of floor space being covered and helps add to that spacious feel. So, what you’ll want to invest in is tables with raised legs, chairs/lounges with legs etc.

Storage Space

When considering where to next install your latest round of compartments and cabinets, consider adding them vertically instead of horizontally. This way you’ll be making use of much under-utilized space that reaches all the way up to the ceiling. By making use of vertical space, you help avoid any unnecessary floor space being taken up as well!


It would help to invest in wireless technology as much as possible but for those who can’t avoid the cables, make sure you don’t have them jumbled around because not only is this a hazard but it also significantly aids that uncomfortable, cramped feeling.


Minimalism is one of our latest trends so when you take to decorating your space, make sure to keep only a few items out and about. Over decorating just makes the space feel more cluttered than usual and definitely doesn’t give you that aesthetically pleasing feel contemporary work spaces usually have.


This is more of a rule you’ll have to obey in any case since you need to keep your work space organized and well-kept at all times. Enforce regulations where office materials are kept in their place, and any unnecessary materials are removed immediately. This way, you ultimately end up clearing more space for yourself as well!

These are some of the best ways you can go about making your office spacious!  You’ll have to embrace the open, airy concept in every way that you can if you want to make your office as big as possible!


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