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How To Organize An Office Christmas Party


Christmas is finally here and your office may be one of those offices that plan a Christmas party every year. If you have been assigned the role to organize this party, you may panic at first because it all seems like a big responsibility. Although there are many different aspects to consider when organizing this party, there is no need to make it a complicated process as long as you are aware of the correct steps to follow. If you are wondering what these steps are, the below guide will help you in this.

Fix A Date

The first step to organizing the Christmas party is to fix a date. When deciding on a date, you should make sure that it is convenient to majority of the people. In order to know this, you can pick a few suitable dates and take votes from others. Once this is done, the date that gets the majority of votes can be finalized. However, when fixing the date, you should also make sure that there are no other prominent events taking place on the same day. For example, if there a famous concert happening in town, chances are that most people will attend that and miss the office Christmas party.

Pick A Venue

Are you planning to have the party at the office or pick an external venue? Most people organize Christmas parties at the office, therefore you can think out of the box and do something different. Do some research on the best venues you can hire for this event. Make sure you take into account unique ideas to make this party more exciting. For example, consider options such as Sydney luxury boat hire which is ideal as a venue for a Christmas party. Make sure to book the venues beforehand, as they are likely to be booked soon due to the season.

Guest List

The next step is to decide who are invited to the party. It is obvious that everyone who works at your company must be included on the guest list. Apart from this, you should decide whether outside people can also attend the event. However, this depends on the budget your company can provide for the party. Most offices give the option of bringing a ‘plus one’ for Christmas parties and you may suggest this option to your boss.

Pick A Theme

You can make this party a more exciting one by having a theme. There are a number of themes you can pick from when it comes to Christmas parties. However, make sure to use a theme that is not commonly used by everyone. Some examples for Christmas themes include, winter wonderland, masquerade ball and fire and ice. Decide if you will have a dress code and color code for the event. If you do, don’t forget to clearly mention it on the invitation or the ticket.

Therefore, you don’t have to stress about organizing your office Christmas party as it can easily be made simple by paying attention to the above factors.

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