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How to Pursue a Career in Interior Décor in 4 Steps


If you love decorating and have a natural ability for arranging furniture and décor around your home, then you may have an interest in interior décor and pursuing this as a career may be perfect for you. One of the key traits that you will have to possess is a good eye for design and a passion for the job. The other factors as an education or degree are secondary. If you are interested in taking up this career, keep in minds that obtaining the proper licensing and specializing are also part of the pursuit. Find below some factors that you may need to look in to before getting started.

Evaluate Your Skills

If you have been complimented more than a couple of times for your decorating skills and have been asked for advice, then this is a good sign that you have a good talent at what you do and people notice it. Working for other people however, poses different aspects of style and taste that would not necessarily work with your own. This is where you will have showcase an extensive knowledge of interior décor experience, working with colours and fabrics to ensure that your client’s requirements are met along with adhering to your own personal style. You will find yourself involved in luxury house designs and office projects in no time with the experience you acquire.

Get Experience

While having a degree is not compulsory, it will greatly help you advance in your career to have certifications or diploma in your name. Most colleges in your local community offer associate degrees or certification programs. In addition there are also online courses that will help. These courses will teach you the fundamentals of interior décor such as types of materials, textures, coordinating colours, its history and trending decorating styles.

Practice Decorating

Initially, volunteer among friends and family with various decorating projects. You may even find projects under local organizations that will give you a chance to help out. Special events such as birthday parties are also great for experience when it comes to decorating. When you get the small events at first, it is important to take photographs of all the work that you complete. This way, you can build a portfolio of your work and make it available for potential clients. Some platforms that you can display your work are on groups like Flickr and blogs centred on design and décor. This will also give you the opportunity to network with people of similar interests and gain insights.

Market Your Skills

In the field of interior decorators, competition is high so it will take time and effort to build your portfolio and client base at the start. Building a network through the experience you gain and attending conferences and events related to design will help put your talent and skills out there. Having an electronic as well as a hard copy of your portfolio is critical so that you will be able to show it to people at any given instance.

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