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Living in the Suburbs? Here’s How to Keep Your Home Safe


Homeowners in the suburbs often have an inflated sense of security. After all, aren’t the suburbs safer compared to the cities? That may be statistically true, but don’t assume that your home is one hundred percent safe from intruders and thieves. Use the suggestions below to safeguard your suburban home against the unthinkable:

Install CCTV Cameras

Getting security gadgets like CCTV cameras and a digital alarm for your home is definitely one of the best investments a homeowner can make. The good-quality security systems Brighton, for example, can scare off thieves. Not only does this prevent theft, it also makes it easy to find criminals who might break in. For these reasons, do invest in the right alarm system for your home.

Upgrade All Locks

Thieves more often than not take advantages of homes that owners naively leave unlocked. There’s a huge lesson to learn regarding this from U.S. celebrities. Believing their upscale suburbs to be highly safe, a number of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom had a bad habit of leaving their homes unlocked. The result was a group of teenage thieves barging in and taking highly valuable items like Rolex watches.

The thieves were not sophisticated in any sense. But they nevertheless managed to part with insanely precious items. While your home may not be a celebrity mansion, it’s still vulnerable to such opportunistic criminals.  Therefore, take care to upgrade the locks on all windows and doors, and keep your home locked when no one is watching the doors.

Don’t Give Them Convenient Hiding Places

Another way to prevent theft and intrusions is to make sure that your yard doesn’t offer easy spots to hide when a thief is on a stakeout. Tree or bush cover can obscure possible threats to your home. Some trees may have limbs extending towards windows that post a risk. Therefore, keep your garden and yard well maintained to avoid unintentionally providing cover for those who might seek to do you harm.

Be Nice to Your Neighbours

Who’s there’s to watch your house when you are away? The neighbours of course. Even the world’s most sophisticated security systems cannot replace the valuable insight and warnings your neighbours can offer. They can tell you if someone has been prowling around your house. You can also ask them to watch your property while you are away on holiday. So rather than picking fights with your neighbours, try to make nice with them instead.

Don’t Hide Keys Under the Carpet

Stop the habit of hiding a spare house key under a flower pot or the mat on the front porch. Someone could watch you and find out where the hiding places are. Rather, keep a spare key on your person or another secure location, such as in your car. Don’t leave the keys out as they can be copied even if not stolen.

When it comes to petty crimes like burglary, criminals tend to be opportunistic. They strike where they see an opening. If your home doesn’t have the above security features, then it is more likely to get attached by thieves chasing easy money. Therefore, make sure you heed the above advice and secure your home.

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