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Must-Have Features of a Good POS System


More and more businesses use a point of sale software to step up its overall performance. However, with so many types to choose from, some business owners purchase software that is not fit for their business type. Since POS types have varied features from type to type, one must analyze first what his business really needs. In general, here are the must-have features of a great POS system. This applies to all types no matter what your industry is.

Speedy Checkout

A great POS should make every transaction simpler and faster. There must be no need for manual input to save time for both the customer and staff. Faster checkout process allows our workers to cater more customers so they don’t have to wait long for their turn. This feature is necessary for payment terminals, bar point of sale systems, or those that handle a high volume of customers.

Inventory Tracking

POS systems make inventory easier through real-time tracking of stocks that are sold and unsold. After every transaction, the system records and updates the inventory file for more accurate reporting.

Customer Relationship Management

This feature records a customer’s basic information upon checkout. Through this, you will know who the loyal shoppers are and offer them VIP or loyalty perks. You can also learn more about their usual orders and give additional options to add a personal touch to your service.

Automatic Purchasing

By keeping track of your inventory, you may set your POS software to order automatically on suppliers if an item reaches a certain quantity. This prevents your business from running out of stocks on products.


This feature is perfect especially if your business has more than 1 branch. Mobile features allow you to access information anywhere through the internet. You can also keep track of and manage your business remotely if you’re out of town.

Multiple Payment Options

Aside from cash and debit or credit cards, your POS system must also offer different payment options such as mobile payments, prepaid cards, bank transfer, ePayments and many more.

Real-Time Reporting

Tracking everything around your business, you can print a report that is updated real-time. You don’t have to wait for a closing time, just a simple click and your POS system will provide you with a comprehensive business report.


There are lots of sizes to choose from on digital signages. It is important to always advertise your business even on small monitors to attract traffic. Good POS solutions allow you to manage your digital signages and take control of what to display on the screen.

Shipping And Delivery

Some customers want the item they bought to be shipped to their home or a certain area. Integrating this feature to your POS system allows you to communicate directly with carriers so you’ll have an idea on the shipping fees, date of arrival, terms, and conditions.


Even if your items have individual price tags on them, you can set up price variations to automatically calculate the real amount after adding a discount or loyalty coupon.

If you’re still new to this technology, it is best to start small and slowly upgrade it through the years. Revolutionize your business with this amazing point of sale solutions.

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