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Safety Tips When Using A Forklift


One of the main tools which are used in a workplace such as a large warehouse would be a forklift. These mini machines are operated by humans and serve in transporting goods to and from the warehouse and especially when storing and ensuring that goods reach their destination with minimum damage to them. However, there is a good saying which goes by “people and forklifts don’t mix”. The preliminary reason as to why such a comment exists is because of the various accidents which occur due to using forklifts in an incorrect manner.

Taking all of this into account, here are some safety tips which will help your warehouse to minimize the risks as well as reduce the number of accidents which occur due to forklifts.

Professional Drivers

Let’s face it. Forklifts are not meant to be driven and operated by everyone. While it may look like a cool vehicle to use for a bit of fun, if it is driven in an incorrect manner, the results may be disastrous. It is always important to ensure that those who operate a forklift in your warehouse, is highly trained and qualified to do so. The main reason that your normal employees would not be able to control a forklift in the correct manner is because driving it isn’t the only thing to focus on when operating a forklift. You need to be concerned when operating it in tight spaces, as well as other controls such a shifting and lowering the piece which helps load various items on and off the shelf.


While your warehouse owning a forklift could be highly beneficial to the daily tasks at hand, it is also important to note that forklifts require a high level of maintenance in order to maintain its highest performance. Oiling the wheels and chains regularly as well ensuring that all screws and bolts are fastened properly, is key in ensuring the safety of others as well. For example, if the forklift wasn’t maintained as often as it should have been and the storage process did not occur as efficiently, there’s a good chance you’ll see boxes of goods falling off shelves and threating the safety of other employees within the warehouse. Therefore it is always important to never underestimate the importance of, maintaining your forklift at all times and keeping it in tip top condition.


Another important fact to keep in mind when forklifts are operating within your environment is to ensure the warehouse if fully adapted to the forklifts specifications. For example, it would make no sense if the width between shelves were not enough to let a forklift move in and out of it. Also barriers for forklift safety should be installed in prominent positions, to ensure that the forklift always follows the correct path and not hinder the other activities of the warehouse.

Thus while owning a forklift can be great, there are many factors to take into consideration, not only for the optimum performance of the forklift itself but also to ensure the safety of every employee in the warehouse.



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