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What Are Car Seat Accessories and Should You Purchase Them?


You have made the wise and right decision to purchase a car seat for your baby. Before you bought one, chances are that you have made your research and that you have also read about car seat accessories. There are numerous car seat accessories available in the market that you might be tempted to buy them all.

There are some accessories that you could skip while there are others that you must purchase to ensure not just your baby’s safety but also to prolong the functionality and purpose of the car seat.

Seat Belt Extenders

This car seat accessory is something you could skip since it is not designed to be used for car seats. It could be an easy solution especially when your baby is already a toddler and you purchased a car seat that is not adjustable or the car seat you purchased could not be fitted to your car. Instead of purchasing seat belt extenders which are not safe to be used by babies and kids, have a Car Seat Fitting first. Then you would not be wrong in purchasing the appropriate car seat.


Headrests might be more harmful than they are good and might contribute to neck injuries in the event of a crash. If you are thinking of purchasing a headrest for your baby’s car seat this might be because your baby is small for the seat and you want a headrest to keep your baby’s head in place. Purchasing a headrest might make your baby’s seating position more insufficient for seatbelt protection and out of the safety position.

Car Seat Covers

There are car seats that come with custom made covers. These accessories are fine especially if they come with the car seats because they are made to be perfectly safe by the manufacturer. If the cover that you purchased with the seat is damaged or is already due for replacement because of wear and tear, chances are the manufacturer also sell covers which you could purchase to replace the old or damaged ones. Just make sure that you purchase the covers from the manufacturer instead of buying non-regulated accessories to ensure that your baby is safe.

Waterproof Pads

Parents find it necessary to have waterproof pads in case of spills or when they are potty training. But these pads could still interfere with properly securing your baby or kid in the car seat. If you really must use something to help with your potty-training kid, you could opt to use rubber pants or any diaper cover. Some car seat manufacturers approve of waterproof inserts that would not meddle with your baby’s safety.

As a rule of thumb, if the accessory could be something that you could forego and or would not contribute to keeping your baby safe, don’t purchase it especially if it is not regulated, not from the car seat manufacturer and no way for you to find out if it is safe to use.

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