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What To Do If You Injure Yourself While At Work?


No matter how careful we are, there comes a moment in all our lives when we face an injury at our work place. Here’s what you need to do when you face such a situation.

Your Health And Safety Comes First

Your health comes first, before anything else. Get yourself to the nearest hospital and get yourself tested. If you’re bleeding due to your injuries or felt dizzy after the injury, don’t waste time trying to switch off machinery of complete your task¾even if your injury doesn’t seem that serious. Some injuries may seem paltry, but can actually be pretty serious if not treated fast.

Take Pictures Of Your Injury

Taking pictures of your injury is very important, both before and after it has been treated. This not only becomes very useful to you when you have to file an accident report, but becomes your proof of accident if your claim takes a while to go through. It’s also best if you photograph the accident area. remind a friend to do so if you’re unable to, and have multiple copies.

Make Sure To Save All Bills And Receipts

Have a separate file on all the bills and receipts you obtain from the hospital and pharmacies. Don’t forget to include any other expense that you may have incurred as well. If you have to submit them to file your accident report, make sure to take pictures of the receipts and bills; just in case.

Seek The Advice Of A Lawyer Prior To Filing Your Accident Report

If you are not sure about how to get an accident report filed, or if you are confused about what exactly you are entitled to claim, then it’s best to go to a legal professional. Not sure you need a lawyer just yet? Ask a coworker who’s been through a similar situation for help and suggestions.

Notify Your Supervisors And File An Accident Report

Without a doubt, your superiors may have heard of your injuries before you can let them know; especially if your injuries and accident was on the big scale. However, it’s still imperative that you let them know of your situation¾officially. In general, you will be asked to file an accident report, after which they will compensate for your bills and your time off from work. more often than not, you will be on paid leave for at least part of your days off; especially if the reason for your accident was due to faulty machinery.

NOTE: Employers will not compensate for your injuries and bills if you happen to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the period of the injury. 

Seek The Support Of A Lawyer If Your Employer Isn’t Covering All Your Hospital Expenses

By any chance if your employer is refusing to cover your hospital expenses, or give you paid time off to heal your injuries, we strongly advise that you seek the advice of legal professionals. Choose a work place injury lawyer who is based in your locality and reputed. Choose no win no fee lawyers Ballarat for best results.

Be Fully Healed Before Heading Back To Work

Take proper time off before heading back to work. Follow your doctor’s instruction and take a break from work, even if your injuries don’t worry you. Remember that if you head back to work before fully recovering, you are more prone to making mistakes, and may even cause and accident.

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