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What’s the Right Shoe for You?


We live in an age of plenty do we not? The average man lives with the same level of luxury as a Roman emperor centuries ago. We have plentiful food, entertainment, and clothing options, and the most important clothing option is … you guessed it, shoes. We love em’.

And as we enter the age of technology and information, we were pleased to find that the pesky issue of shoelaces coming undone is no more. Elastic shoelaces have come like an angel from the sky to bring us to salvation. If you’re curious as to what elastic shoelaces can do for you, take a look at elastic shoe laces. Revolutionary doesn’t even begin to describe this stuff. Either that or I’ve been living under a rock. Back to the guide!

What does the right shoe do?

It cushions your foot – The midsole of the shoe provides the most cushioning for your feet and though cushioning doesn’t reduce the force going into your feet. They spread it over more time so that your feet have time to adapt.

Supports your foot – The right shoe will help balance you and aid in alignment.

Helps you get comfortable – Invaluable when it comes to daily wear or regular wear

Fits like a charm – The shoe should feel snug but never tight. Because a tight shoe will end up cutting circulation to your feet and wreaking havoc on your day.

How do we select the right shoe?

Shop for shoes at the end of the day.

Did you know that your feet swell up depending on your level of activity and the time of the day? Well, they do, and it’s important to factor that in when making your purchasing decision. Recommendation? Wait till the end of the day or the time when you have done the most walking or right after exercise to go shoe shopping. This will ensure that your feet will be comfortable even when your feet are at their largest.

Get comfortable shoes

You wouldn’t imagine the amount of people that rely on ‘breaking them in’ and buy shoes that are too tight. Yes, breaking in a new pair of shoes is very much a real thing but why rely on that when you can get comfy shoes right off the bat? Recommendation, walk a few steps in the shoes as you try them on, make sure they look amazing and feel amazing too. You should be able to move your toes just a little. Why? Because your toes need space to move when you walk and run. Don’t skip this step, you will regret it, trust me I’ve made this mistake. Overly tight shoes will cut circulation to your toes, and they will make you regret life in general. Not fun.

Make sure that the shoes grip your heel

This means that your heel should not be slipping around in the shoes once you have them on. If they are, you will want to opt for a smaller size. In addition to this make sure you check the inside of the shoes for any sharp edges, tags, irritants etc.


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