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Why You Should Consider Installing Modular Classrooms


Using portable classrooms has always been a source of debate among parents and school administrators. There have been occupational health risks because of the presence of mould and whether these mobile classrooms could provide warmth during cold seasons. There is the additional issue of durability and whether these units are sturdy enough to accommodate the comings and goings of hundreds of student every day.


Fortunately, modular classrooms are now built with the students’ comfort in mind. Temporary academic space could be easily delivered to schools that lack the appropriate number of classrooms for its students. The units are customizable to fit the school’s budget and open ground space size. Ramps, steps and awnings could also be installed to accommodate all students.

They Can Be Installed Even When the Academic Year Has Already Started

It might be hard to determine the exact number of students who register for an academic year if registration is still on going. The figures would still change since there might be late registrations or withdrawals. Deciding if there is a need to build additional classrooms or buildings is tough since it is expensive, time-consuming not to mention it might not be necessary. Modular classrooms on the other hand could be rented, leased or bought then installed even when the academic year already started and the exact number of students registered is already determined.

Modular Classrooms Can Be Easily Moved

The surge of students differ every year. The first year of renting portable classrooms for high school students might not be needed for the second year whereas there is an unexpected swell for elementary students. These modular classrooms could be easily moved near to the grounds for elementary students. It could also be modified in a snap to cater to the requirements of younger students as opposed to when it was used by high school students. The flexibility offered by these mobile academic spaces is the reason why there are a lot of portable classrooms across Melbourne.

Modular Classrooms Can Be Fixed Permanently

Even if modular classrooms are mobile, they could also be fixed permanently especially if the school will need it for a long period of time. Bricks and mortars could be installed in its exterior to conform the existing design of the school. The modular classrooms could also be equipped with security systems, ramps, decks and safety rails if required.

Modular Classrooms Spark Students’ Creativity

Students who had classes in one of these portable classrooms appreciated the time they spent away from the school building. They were thankful for the seclusion and it helped them concentrate a little since they were far from the hustle and bustle and were focused on their teacher and in their studies. Walking towards the portable classrooms outside also helped them clear their head a little before delving into a day of learning.


There might be a negative connotation for classes to be held in these modular classrooms but it has proven to be a wise option with all the budgetary and time constraints the education sector is now facing. These portable classrooms have proven to be safe and equipped to handle the technological advancement that regular classrooms have to make learning the same experience for all students.

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